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* Every Performer is required to attend Power Pak with a registered spectator. If you are not registering a spectator,
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Please complete the following dismissal release information if you know an adult over 21 years of age who is registered as a Power Pak spectator that you would like to give permission for your child to go with during Power Pak free times. Performers will only be released to their parent or guardian if this section of the form is not completed. Power Pak reserves the right to revoke permission if there is any violation of the Power Pak rules set forth for the tour.

I hereby grant permission for the spectator(s) listed below, who are a part of the Power Pak tour, to pick up/drop off and supervise my child during Power Pak free times. I understand that the spectators must be a part of the Power Pak tour and must be over 21 years of age.

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This section must be completed if your child is 12 or older, traveling with their parent or guardian, and wishes to have permission to be dismissed from Power Pak activities without a parent or guardian present. If this section is not complete, Performers will not be dismissed until a parent, guardian or spectator listed above is present at dismissal.

I hereby grant my permission for my child to be dismissed without a parent, guardian or spectator present. I understand that Power Pak reserves the right to request a Spectator be present at dismissal from specific activities if they feel necessary.

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Power Pak Documents and Policies

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